Hi, I’m Lisa Adams, creator of Idlewild Soap Company. As a teenager, contact dermatitis forced me to abandon most soaps and body products. At that time, I was limited to a very few commercially made products that wouldn’t irritate my skin. As handmade, artisan soaps became more easily available, I was impressed by their superiority – their feel, their smell and their soothing effect. Eventually, I learned the skills needed to make my own products and discovered hitherto-unknown artistic and creative possibilities.


At Idlewild Soap Company, we use only high-quality ingredients that are as natural as possible for the benefit of your skin, your health, your family and the environment. We never use detergents, SLS, phthalates or parabens. Our products are as hypoallergenic as it is possible to be and are designed for use on all skin types.

Our lip balms are the silkiest you will find and the chocolate flavours are made with real, organic, fair trade, 55% dark chocolate (you’ll be tempted to eat it, but that’s not recommended). Our bath melts soothe both the skin and the mind. Our body butters moisturize without feeling greasy. Our scrubs gently exfoliate.

And then there’s our soap. We carry over two dozen varieties. Some are scented with essential oils (because some people are sensitive to synthetic fragrances), some are scented with synthetic fragrances (because some people are sensitive to essential oils) and some are unscented (because soap doesn’t always need to be smelly). There are a variety of colourful designs and patterns and there are also plain soaps (because soap doesn’t always need to be fancy).

Hand crafted, high quality and fun.

Lisa Adams